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May 2013

Age of the Dinosaur (Natural History Museum exhibition)

25/05/2013 - 03/11/2013

Be transported back to the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. Age of the Dinosaur, a Natural History Museum exhibition, gives you a glimpse of life as it was 65 million years ago.

Featuring around 50 real specimens, realistic models, CGI, full-scale animatronics and stunning film footage, Age of the Dinosaur paints an evocative picture and tells a compelling scientific story of a vital period in Earth’s history.

The exhibition is grounded firmly in the latest scientific theories about how dinosaurs would have looked and sounded - from the feathered coating of the Velociraptor, to the bellow of a Camarasaurus calling its mate.

A close relative of T-Rex and the creature that links birds and dinosaurs are just two of the primitive beings brought back to life. Ultra-realistic habitats and intriguing sounds and smells add to the experience.

As you enter the exhibition, you'll see the whole of history on a large-scale timeline from the Triassic period to the present day, before exploring Jurassic specimens that reveal the climate, biodiversity and geography of this era.

An atmospheric underwater area depicts ocean life from this period as animals, fish and ammonites swim past, and you can see specimens from the deep close up.

At the Cretaceous watering hole, strange sounds fill the air and accurate recreations of trees, plants, animals and insects complete the sensory experience. Suddenly, there’s a dramatic stand-off between a Protoceratops and a Velociraptor. And what’s that roaring in the distance...?

In a special discovery area, you can turn detective and learn how our planet looked in the days of the dinosaurs by interacting with exhibits and handling real specimens.

In the final part of the exhibition, learn about the extinction of the dinosaurs, travel forwards in time to the present day, and imagine what the world will be like in 65 million years. What kind of animals will roam the Earth then?

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